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Among the tours and projects operated by this agency can mention Iran tours and scientific tours in affiliation with universities and science related organization all held in Lut desert with accompanying the professional off-road team, press and media team, medical and emergency team.

Lut tours in a wide variety:
Scientific tours
• Investigation and recognition wild life and botanical cover
• Geology
• Documenting the whole process

Adventure tours
• Off-road and desert tracking
• Rock climbing and valley climbing
• Sport events and tours
• Marathon and Ultramarathon
• Mountain biking
• Mountain climbing

  Sport events The unique Desert of Lut can be the host for holding professional sport events as we have successfully organized the ISRU and Maximum Temperatus Project there. The magnificent landscape of Lut Desert will surely be a great destination for sport tourism as it is suitable for running, motor biking, sand surfing, mountain […]
  The magical land The wild is where many mysteries are hidden. As we have experience in cooperating with local and international scientific organizations and universities we do provide necessary equipment for traveling and staying in the different fields such as the desert which from the aspect of geology, meteorite and botanical cover is worth […]
Tailor made tours The countless attractions which are all to enjoy vary from historical monuments, precious museums and the remaining legacy of the ancient dynasties to the incredible nature. Let us know what you are interested in and for how many days you want to be here, then we help you make your own customized […]
Camel trekking in the desert     We provide the authentic sense of living how our ancestors passed their days. You can experience the ancient lifestyle that dates back to centuries ago, the era the world was void of technology. Camel riding in the desert for couple of hours in the silk road direction in […]
Our adventure trips are for those to explore and experience the unspoiled wild nature. Providing all the necessities for such expeditions like off-road tours, desert trekking, Rock climbing and valley climbing, we offer the beautiful unforgettable experience in the depths of the extraordinary nature of Iran.     Contact us for more information.
  Details and Itinerary:   From Shiraz the sightseeing of the city famous for exquisite mosques visiting the great Perspolis remaining which is near the town.   Half day tour of Persepolis Complex (UNESCO Site) Rock tombs of Naqsh-e Rajab & Naqsh-e Rostam Tombs of Hafez and Sa`adi Pasargadae – Tomb of Cyprus (UNESCO Site) […]
Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon The agency with cooperation of its associates is the successful organizer of the only international Ultramarathon in Iran carrying the name ISRU, Iranian Silk Road Ultramarathon. the participants who are professional runners around the globe such as Italy, Canada, Germany, South Africa, Romany, England, Lebanon, Morocco and etc. will run 260 […]
Mr.Paolo Venturini, the ultra runner from Italy had decided to put his name on the Guinness record book to be the first who run 75 Km in 12 hours in the hottest place on the Earth.